AICR report finds one drink a day increases breast cancer risk

The latest research review by the American Institute for Cancer Research has confirmed studies finding that even light-to-moderate alcohol consumption can increase breast cancer risk for women.

Specifically, the report found strong evidence that drinking 10 grams (about 3.5 oz.) of alcohol a day increases pre-menopausal breast cancer risk by 5 percent and post-menopausal breast cancer risk by 9 percent. Ten grams is the amount of alcohol found in a small glass of wine or beer.  (A standard drink has about 14 grams or 5 oz. of alcohol.)

This report is part of the AICR/WCRF Continuous Update Project (CUP), an ongoing program to analyze global research on how diet, nutrition, physical activity and weight affect cancer risk and survival. 

Full report: Diet, nutrition, physical activity and breast cancer, 2017

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